Welcome Gaseke's Bridge To Prosperity

This July a team of 10 volunteer engineers from Flint Neill and Balfour Beatty travelled to Gaseke, Rwanda to build a suspension footbridge. The bridge will directly serve 4,300 Rwandans, enabling them to cross the Mwange river safely, even during the flood season.

Bridging the river will give the local communities the ability to access healthcare, education and markets throughout the year. Bridges to Prosperity has found that building a footbridge leads to an 18% increase in women employed, a 24% increase in healthcare treatment and 12% more children enrolled in school.

Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Our programs provide access to healthcare, education and markets by teaching communities how to build footbridges over impassable rivers, in partnership with organizations and professionals. We prove the value of our work through a commitment to the community and its bridge that lasts long after the opening celebration.