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Despite Flint Neill and Balfour Beatty sponsoring the project the team also need to raise an additional £15,000 to cover the team's costs. There are many ways you can contribute to the project:


The team are very grateful for every penny we receive.

We're collecting donations via the fundraising page for our 10k event on MyDonate, click the logo below to be linked to the donations site.

Please note: In order for the team to be able to receive Gift Aid on your donation please fill out the form here (a link to this form will be included in the thank you email generated by MyDonate once your donation has been received).

B2P is an established charity in the USA but the UK branch is only just beginning. As a consequence, B2P have not yet received a charity number from HMRC, however we expect to receive it shortly. In the meantime we would be grateful if you could fill out the separate gift aid form so that once we have the charity number we can claim tax back on your donation.


Equipment / Training

Some of the team require specific training. We are offering some great sponsorship and branding options in return for any training you or your company can provide. We also will require lots of tools and safety equipment so please get in touch if you can help with those too!


We also have a series of events planned to help raise funds to enable the completion of the project, check them out on our events page.

Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists. Our programs provide access to healthcare, education and markets by teaching communities how to build footbridges over impassable rivers, in partnership with organizations and professionals. We prove the value of our work through a commitment to the community and its bridge that lasts long after the opening celebration.